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Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership and Instruction

The Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership and Instruction provides a plan of organized advanced study for practitioners in the field of education who desire a higher level of competency. A program of study is designed for each student and offers a greater depth of specialization than that offered at the master’s level. Students can work with a major professor to design a program for the specific and unique needs of a particular professional position.

The Ed.S. program is fully online!

Three concentrations are offered: Educational Leadership, Educational Technology and Special Education.

Regular admission to the specialist degree program requires:

  • master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher on all graduate work pursued
  • application on file with Dean of the Graduate School
  • official transcripts on file prior to registration
  • minimum combined GRE score of 282 on the verbal and quantitative parts
  • valid teaching certificate
  • two letters of recommendation on file

Conditional admission may be granted by the Dean of the Graduate School for students with a combined GRE score of 280-281 during their first 9 semester hours. Earning a B or better for all courses during the 9 hours may result in removing the conditional status and being regularly admitted. Failure to achieve regular status after 9 semester hours will result in suspension from the specialist degree program.