06.10.18 – Faculty and alumni participated in the 2018 Louisiana Teacher Leader Summit in New Orleans May 28-31, 2018. In addition to an impressive turnout of alumni who are now practicing teachers, five faculty participated in the conference. Ms. Ramona Wynder, interim director of field experience and clinical practice, and Dr. April Giddens, assistant professor of education, participated in invited panel discussions based on accomplishments in the department over the past year. Wynder, Giddens, and Dr. Terrie Poehl, associate professor of education, were recognized for completing the 2017-2018 Louisiana Department of Education mentor training (Wynder) and content leader training (Giddens and Poehl). Dr. Steve Westbrook, assistant professor of education, and Dr. Kimberly McAlister, dean of the Gallaspy College of Education and Human Development, attended to represent the department at special functions held during the conference. The entire Northwestern team was featured on the cover of the June 2018 Believe & Prepare Newsletter. Click here to read more.