School Counseling

A Master of Arts degree in School Counseling requires 48 semester hours of credit and requires a minimum of four semesters and one summer of enrollment. No teaching certification or particular undergraduate degree is required for admission, although a course in statistics is a prerequisite for several courses.

Coursework requirements for the Master of Arts degree in School Counseling include the following 48 hours: Counseling 5000, 5510, 5530, 5540, 5570, 5580, 5600, 5610, 6500, 6520, and 6 credit hours of 5560; Education 5010, Educational Psychology 5460 and 5520; one 3 hour elective (Choices: Special Education 5640, 5830, 5510; Counseling 5870, 5800, 5650; or other course approved by advisor).

The School Counseling program prepares graduates to seek the National Certified Counselor ( NCC ) credential and the National Certified School Counselor (NCSC) credential. It also meets the requirements for Louisiana licensure in counseling and Louisiana certification in school counseling.

All students are required to pass a comprehensive examination near the end of their program and complete either a thesis or project-in-lieu of thesis.

Specific requirements: To be admitted to the School Counseling program, prospective students must first be fully admitted to graduate studies at Northwestern State University. In addition to the application materials for Graduate Studies, applicants must submit an autobiographical career statement of purpose in pursuing a School Counseling degree, a current resume and be interviewed by two faculty members from the program. Admission to Graduate Studies does not guarantee admission into the School Counseling program.

Students will be assigned a temporary advisor upon applying for admission. The temporary advisor will become the student's major professor after admission to the program unless the student requests otherwise. All courses are not offered every semester and students should pay attention to both the prerequisites and the semester offered in planning their matriculation. Students are strongly urged to consult with their advisor before registering.

For those seeking admission to the School Counseling program, please submit the following to NSU's Graduate School (1) an application for admission (, (2) documentation of GRE scores (minimum of 800; 750 with stipulations), and (3) official transcript(s) of undergraduate work or degree earned.

Add-On Certification

Courses leading to "Add-On" certification as a Professional School Counselor in Louisiana can also be completed at NSU. For add-on certification, applicants must: (1) Hold a Master's degree in education, (2) Meet all course prerequisites, including time limitations as per NSU's Graduate School , (3) Meet all admission requirements to NSU's Graduate School ( ). (An additional Master's degree will not be earned through the add-on certification program.) Applicants should be aware that add-on certification may not meet additional requirements for various professional certifications such as a National Certified School Counselor.

School Counseling Course Rotations